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  • These Services Profiles provide users with statistics on key “infrastructure services”, i.e., transport, telecommunications as well as financial and insurance services for 186 economies. For the first time the Profiles cover all WTO members and most observers. The information is derived from multiple statistical domains, such as national accounts, employment statistics, balance of payments statistics, Foreign affiliates statistics (FATS), Foreign direct investment (FDI) statistics, as well as quantitative indicators, largely sourced from international/regional organizations and specialized bodies. Statistics are presented in standardized format for quick reference.

  • GDP (Gross domestic product) is the sum of output within the country’s territory minus the sum of intermediate consumption (increased by taxes net of subsidies on products). Sources: World Bank, Eurostat, and national sources.

  • Acknowledgements are due to the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Labour Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the International Road Federation, the International Telecommunications Union, the International Trade Centre, the International Union of Railways, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, Swiss Re, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the United Nations Statistics Division, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the World Bank, Containerisation International (through the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), Netcraft (through the World Bank), and Standard’s and Poor (through the World Bank). The assistance of all these organizations in supplying statistics as well as other information has greatly facilitated the work of the WTO Secretariat.