Connecting to Global Markets

Challenges and Opportunities: Case Studies Presented by WTO Chair-Holders

image of Connecting to Global Markets

This book brings together contributions from the 14 WTO chair-holders of the first phase of the WTO Chairs Programme (2010-2014). The volume is divided into four sections, focusing on export diversification, the role of non-tariff measures, the rule of law in connecting to global markets, and the role of the Aid for Trade initiative in building trade capacity and overcoming supply side constraints.




This volume has been produced under the WTO Chairs Programme (WCP), a WTO capacity-building programme launched upon the initiative of Hakim Ben Hammouda and Patrick Low in 2010. The WCP is jointly managed by the WTO’s Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation and Economic Research and Statistics Division under the direction of Bridget Chilala and Robert Teh, respectively. The editors thank Fatima Chaudhri and Gerardo Thielen for their contribution to the initial stages of this book project and Clémence Gros for editorial assistance. Anthony Martin and Helen Swain are thanked for managing the production process of the volume.


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