United States - Continued Existence and Application of Zeroing Methodology

Report of the Panel

On 2 October 2006, the European Communities requested consultations with the United States concerning its continued application of the “zeroing” methodology. In particular, the request for consultations concerns (i) the implementing regulation (19 CFR Section 351) of the US Department of Commerce, especially section 351.414(c)(2); and (ii) the Import Administration Antidumping Manual (1997 edition), including the computer program(s) to which it refers. The European Communities claims that, based on these regulations, the US Department of Commerce continued to apply the “zeroing” methodology in the determinations of the margin of dumping in the final results of the anti-dumping administrative reviews concerning various EC goods, and any assessment instructions issued pursuant to those final results.

01 Oct 2008 443 pages English Spanish, French


Authors: World Trade Organization