Annual Report 2009

image of Annual Report 2009

The new-look Annual Report 2009 of the WTO is split into two main sections. The first is a brief summary of the organization and a review of 2008. The second section provides more in-depth information illustrated with charts, tables and photos. The Report also features a personal message from the Director-General who reflects on 2008 and the challenges that lie ahead.

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Secretariat and budget

The WTO Secretariat has 627 regular staff representing 69 nationalities. Renovation work began in mid-2008 on the renovation and extension of the WTO building. Work is expected to be completed by end-2012. The WTO derives most of the income for its annual budget, which totalled CHF 189,257,600 in 2008, from contributions by its 153 members.

English French, Spanish

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