Annual Report 2017

image of Annual Report 2017

The 2017 Annual Report begins with a message from the WTO Director-General and an overview of the past year. This is followed by more in-depth accounts of the WTO’s areas of activity over the past 12 months.

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Technical cooperation and training

The WTO Secretariat undertook 315 technical assistance activities in 2016 aimed at helping government officials gain a better understanding of WTO rules and the multilateral trading system. Over 18,400 participants benefited from these training activities, up from some 15,000 in 2015. Least-developed countries (LDCs) were invited to participate in 60 per cent of all technical assistance activities, significantly more than in past years. Nearly half of the participants accessed training through e-learning resources on the WTO’s online platform. An external report highlighted the value of the WTO’s technical assistance programme.

English Spanish, French

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