The WTO Building

Art and Architecture at the Centre William Rappard

image of The WTO Building

The WTO Building provides a fascinating insight into the artwork and architecture of the Centre William Rappard (CWR), home of the World Trade Organization. The book describes the origins and evolution of the CWR, highlighting the many works of art created and donated to adorn the building over the years. It covers the extension of the CWR, the transformation of an inner courtyard into an atrium, and the latest steps taken to preserve the building’s historic artworks.



The William Rappard Park

The William Rappard Park is home to a number of trees gifted from far and wide. In 1923, the Latvian delegation to the ILO donated an oak tree on the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone for the new building. In 1927, the International Girl Guides, in Geneva for their camp, donated a cypress to the ILO as a thank-you for their visit. In 1931, the Japanese newspaper "Asahi" presented 51 Japanese cherry trees to the ILO. The cherry trees were planted on all sides of the building, but unfortunately they did not withstand the local climate, and are no longer visible today. In 1960, the Friends of the ILO in the United States of America provided an Arizona cypress.


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