WTO Public Forum 2012

Is multilateralism in crisis?

image of WTO Public Forum 2012

The 2012 WTO Public Forum posed the question: “Is multilateralism in crisis?”, providing an opportunity for participants from a variety of backgrounds to discuss this question across the three-day event. The themes of the Forum included formulating new approaches to multilateral trade opening in areas such as trade facilitation, addressing 21st-century issues and identifying areas in need of new regulations, and examining the role of non-state actors in strengthening the multilateral trading system. This publication contains summaries of all of the sessions held and reports on the results of the WTO Youth Ambassador Programme and Ideas Workshops.



Foreword by the director-general

The lead-up to this year’s Public Forum, like last year, was marked by sluggish economic growth, high unemployment and a slowdown in world trade. This has been accompanied by political turbulence, rising food prices, the ongoing threat of climate change and calls to resist protectionism.


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