WTO Public Forum 2012

Is multilateralism in crisis?

image of WTO Public Forum 2012

The 2012 WTO Public Forum posed the question: “Is multilateralism in crisis?”, providing an opportunity for participants from a variety of backgrounds to discuss this question across the three-day event. The themes of the Forum included formulating new approaches to multilateral trade opening in areas such as trade facilitation, addressing 21st-century issues and identifying areas in need of new regulations, and examining the role of non-state actors in strengthening the multilateral trading system. This publication contains summaries of all of the sessions held and reports on the results of the WTO Youth Ambassador Programme and Ideas Workshops.



High-level sessions

The aim of this session was to perform a “health check” on multilateralism, starting with the state of the multilateral trading system, but also looking at the wider picture of macroeconomic cooperation, development, job protection and promotion of the environment. The difficulties that the global trading system and many other multilateral institution have encountered in recent years is indisputable proof that yesterday’s solutions simply cannot be applied to the problems we face today. The discussion benefited from the participation of members from Mr Lamy’s Panel on Defining the Future of World Trade. They encompass expertise from all corners of the world and nearly every field of endeavour, and their analysis will spark debate and open new channels of thinking.


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