International Trade Statistics 2007

image of International Trade Statistics 2007

The new ITS will include more detailed information on trade in services statistics. In addition to the three categories published so far (transportation, travel, other commercial services), the report will also present statistics on individual components such as communication, insurance, and financial services, for world trade as well as bilateral trade. Selected leading traders of each component will be shown. The report will also include statistics on foreign affiliate trade in services statistics (FATS), a new domain that has been gaining increasing relevance with the accumulated flow of foreign direct investment.



Specific notes for selected economies

Beginning with the 2002 report, EU data compiled according to national statistical practices have been replaced, starting 1993, with data compiled by Eurostat in accordance with EU legislation. The concepts and definitions adopted by the EU are in line with the United Nations’ International Trade Statistics, Concepts and Definitions, Series M, N° 52, Revision 2. As a result, the conceptual differences between EU member states’ data have been substantially reduced. Moreover, for the EU as a whole, Eurostat data are more timely than the previous source, thus reducing substantially the amount of estimation included in the EU aggregate.


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