International Trade Statistics 2009

image of International Trade Statistics 2009

International Trade Statistics is the Number One source for data on world trade. Detailed tables provide comprehensive statistics on the world’s leading exporters and importers, with information broken down by region and by country. Trade statistics are also provided by product and by commercial services. With data dating back to 1948, this publication provides unparalleled insights into the trends for world trade over the past six decades. Hundreds of statistical tables and highlight sections illustrating some of the key trends help to make International Trade Statistics an invaluable reference tool for businesses, analysts and anyone wanting to know more about international trade.




This publication has been prepared under the direction of Hubert Escaith, Chief Statistician. Andreas Maurer coordinated the statistical report, and Vuddha Meach supervised the overall table, chart and map production, with the assistance of Claudio Nicolai Wewel and Ying Yan. The statistical research and data compilation were conducted by Barbara d’Andrea-Adrian, Christophe Degain, Florian Eberth, Joscelyn Magdeleine, Yann Marcus, Ninez Piezas-Jerbi and Bekele Tamenu.


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