Overview of Developments in the International Trading Environment - Annual Report by the Director-General (2010)

November 2009 to Mid-October 2010

Lamy cites need for “increased vigilance” to three potential dangers facing world trade: Director-General Pascal Lamy, in his annual report to WTO members on developments in the international trading environment, published on 24 November 2010, called for increased vigilance by members to three potential dangers, the first regarding “an increase in protectionist pressures generated by global imbalances, at a time when the political consensus in favour of open trade and investment is already under strain from stubbornly high levels of unemployment in many countries”. He also cited “the danger of a steady accumulation over time of measures that restrict or distort trade and investment” and “the challenge of managing the trade and investment impacts of stimulus and bail-out measures taken in response to the crisis”.