Trade Policy Review: Singapore 2012

image of Trade Policy Review: Singapore 2012

“Trade Policy Reviews” analyse the trade policies and practices of each member of the WTO. The reviews consist of three parts: an independent report by the WTO Secretariat, a report by the government, and the concluding remarks by the Chair of the WTO’s Trade Policy Review Body. The opening section - “key trade facts” - provides a visual overview of the WTO member’s major exports/imports, main export destinations, origins for its imports and other key data. This edition looks into the trade practices of Singapore.



Report by the WTO Secretariat

Singapore remains one of the most market-oriented and open economies in the world and is also considered the easiest country in which to do business. Singapore is facing a number of new challenges, as well as opportunities, due to the global financial crisis and its competitiveness is being tested by low-cost economies particularly in Asia. In response, Singapore has launched a productivity drive to boost GDP growth and facilitate its transformation into a high-tech economy.


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