World Trade Report 2019

The future of services trade

image of World Trade Report 2019

Services have become the most dynamic component of global trade, with an increasingly important role in the global economy and in everyday life. Yet the extent of services’ contribution to global trade is not always fully understood. The World Trade Report 2019 attempts to remedy this by examining how trade in services is evolving and why services trade matters.

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What role for international cooperation on services trade policy?

Trade in services continues to evolve. Technology and regulatory reforms are driving a fundamental transformation, creating new demand while simultaneously helping to reduce trade costs and opening further opportunities to trade services. Under the impetus of global value chains, demographic trends, rising per capita incomes in emerging markets and environmental concerns, demand for foreign-supplied services is on the rise. The evolving avenues, actors and composition of services trade increase its potential to contribute to inclusive economic growth and development, but also present a number of challenges that need to be addressed to fulfil this potential.

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