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image of World Trade Report 2018

World Trade Report 2018

Trade has always been shaped by technology but the rapid development of digital technologies in recent times has the potential to transform international trade profoundly in the years to come. The World Trade Report 2018 examines how digital...
image of 20 Years of the Information Technology Agreement

20 Years of the Information Technology Agreement

Over the past 20 years, the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) has increased worldwide access to high-tech goods, such as computers, mobile phones and semiconductors. It has also contributed to greater access to the Internet and the growth of the...
image of Digital Connectivity & E-Commerce

Digital Connectivity & E-Commerce

Digital networks are an increasingly critical component of global trade. In 2017, the Global Review of Aid for Trade highlighted the importance of accessible and affordable connections for trade connectivity. Drawing extensively on information...
image of A Quantitative Assessment of Electronic Commerce

A Quantitative Assessment of Electronic Commerce

This paper tries to assess quantitatively the role of electronic commerce in economic activity and in trade and tariff revenue collection. The share of value added that potentially lends itself to electronic trade represents around 30 percent of GDP,...

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