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image of World Trade Report 2019

World Trade Report 2019

Services have become the most dynamic component of global trade, with an increasingly important role in the global economy and in everyday life. Yet the extent of services’ contribution to global trade is not always fully understood. The World Trade...
image of Trade Policy Review: Chinese Taipei 2018

Trade Policy Review: Chinese Taipei 2018

“Trade Policy Reviews” analyse the trade policies and practices of each member of the WTO. The reviews consist of three parts: an independent report by the WTO Secretariat, a report by the government, and the concluding remarks by the Chair of the...
image of Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Aid for Trade supports developing and least-developed countries in building their trade capacity and in increasing their exports by turning market access opportunities into market presence. It does so by addressing four key areas: trade policy &...
image of Trade Policies Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment

Trade Policies Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment

This paper looks at the various trade policies WTO Members have put into place to foster women’s economic empowerment. The analysis below is based on the information provided by WTO Members as part of their Trade Policy Review (TPRs) process from...
image of World Trade Statistical Review 2018

World Trade Statistical Review 2018

“World Trade Statistical Review” looks into the latest trends in global trade, with in-depth analysis of what is being traded and who the key players are. It also reviews the latest developments in trade policy-making in areas such as trade...

Trade Monitoring Reports

Trade monitoring reports showed a slight decrease in the number of new trade-restrictive measures introduced by WTO members. The WTO revised downwards its trade forecasts for 2016, predicting the slowest pace of trade and output growth since the financial crisis of 2009. The monitoring reports underscore the need for WTO members to work together to ensure that the benefits of trade are spread more widely and are better understood.

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