Case-Study on Injury

This case-study seeks to illustrate the concepts discussed in a concrete fashion in the context of a hypothetical investigation. It should be borne in mind that the methodologies described herein do not necessarily represent the practices of any particular WTO Member, and their disucssion in this case-study is not intended as an endorsement of those methodologies or as an indication that such methodologies are consistent with the AD Agreement. Nor are any of the possible conclusions or outcomes discussed in this case-study necessarily valid or sustainable in the context of WTO dispute settlement. The case-study merely seeks to illustrate possible approaches that might be taken to resolving issues that commonly arise in anti-dumping injury analysis. The methods presented herein are by no means the only available methodologies, but they are based on methods that have been applied by Members which have not been disapproved by any dispute settlement Panel. In many instances, there may be more than one approach to resolving a particular injury-related issue that would be consistent with Member obligations under the AD Agreement.

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