The WTO Regime on Government Procurement

image of The WTO Regime on Government Procurement

Originally an important but relatively obscure plurilateral instrument, the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) is now becoming a pillar of the WTO system as a result of important developments since the Uruguay Round. This collection examines the issues and challenges that this raises for the GPA, as well as future prospects for addressing government procurement at a multilateral level. Coverage includes issues relating to pending accessions to the GPA, particularly those of developing countries with a large state sector such as China; the revised (provisionally agreed) GPA text of 2006, including provisions on electronic procurement and Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries; and procurement provisions in regional trade agreements and their significance for the multilateral system. Attention is also given to emerging issues, especially those concerning environmental, social and SME policy; competition law; and the implications of the recent economic crisis.



A case study of regionalism: The EC–CARIFORUM Economic Partnership

The EC–CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement was the first full Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) to be negotiated and signed between the EC and an African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) region, as required by the terms of the Cotonou Agreement of 2000. It is also the only EPA under negotiation to dedicate a chapter to the regulation of government procurement policies. As such it stands not only as a reference point for other ACP countries’ EPA negotiations and other north–south regional trading agreements (RTAs), but it might also offer some insight into the perceived role of government procurement regulation in developing countries’ trade agreements with developed countries.


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