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image of Government Procurement Agreement

Government Procurement Agreement

Government procurement accounts for an average of 15 per cent or more of a country’s GDP. The WTO’s Agreement on Government Procurement covers government purchasing of goods, services and construction work valued at US$ 1.7 trillion annually. This...
image of The WTO Regime on Government Procurement

The WTO Regime on Government Procurement

Originally an important but relatively obscure plurilateral instrument, the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) is now becoming a pillar of the WTO system as a result of important developments since the Uruguay Round. This collection...
image of Korea - Measures Affecting Government Procurement

Korea - Measures Affecting Government Procurement

On 16 February 1999, the US requested consultations with Korea in respect of certain procurement practices of the Korean Airport Construction Authority (KOACA), and other entities concerned with the procurement of airport construction in Korea. The...
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