World Trade Report 2006

Exploring the Links Between Subsidies, Trade and the WTO

image of World Trade Report 2006

The annual World Trade Report focuses on trade policy issues - the core topic addressed in 2006 is subsidies. The Report also takes a look at recent trade developments and examines a range of trade topics, including trade in textiles and clothing, flows of international receipts and payments of royalties and license fees, trends in the trade of least-developed countries, and the impact of natural disasters and terrorist acts on international trade flows. The World Trade Report is useful for policymakers and for any individuals or groups interested in global trade policy.

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The World Trade Report 2006 was prepared under the general direction of Deputy Director-General Alejandro Jara. Patrick Low, Director of the Economic Research and Statistics Division, led the team responsible for writing the Report. The principal authors of the Report were Marc Bacchetta, Bijit Bora, K. Michael Finger, Marion Jansen, Alexander Keck, Clarisse Morgan, Roberta Piermartini and Robert Teh. Trade statistics information was provided by the Statistics Group of the Economic Research and Statistics Division, coordinated by Guy Karsenty, Julia de Verteuil, Andreas Maurer and Jürgen Richtering.

English Spanish, French

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