Advising the Director-General

The WTO Directors-General appear to have always had a lawyer in their office although the exact title or the scope of the position might have differed depending on each Director-General. Trade rules are highly technical and legal in nature, so it is not surprising that the Director-General would want to have in his office a professional who has solid knowledge of WTO law and the ability to provide legal advice on trade issues. However, the advice the lawyer in the Director-General’s Office provides is not just limited to legal advice on trade issues. Legal advice on the policy side of WTO work can also be an important element in the Director-General’s decision-making process. The specific duties and responsibilities of the previous legal advisers to the WTO Directors-General may vary. Accordingly, this chapter seeks to describe briefly what can be considered, or desired as, core elements of the role of the Legal Adviser to the WTO Director-General.

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