Concluding Remarks by the Chairperson of the Trade Policy Review Body, H.E. Mr Mario Matus at the Trade Policy Review of Paraguay 27 and 29 April 2011

This third Trade Policy Review of Paraguay has provided an opportunity for us to improve our understanding of recent developments in its trade and trade-related policies, and the areas where there is room for improvement. We are thankful for the active participation of the Paraguayan delegation, headed by Ambassador Manuel María Cáceres, Vice-Minister of Economic Relations and Integration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; our thanks also extend to Ambassador Federico González, Permanent Representative of Paraguay in Geneva, and to the rest of the Paraguayan delegation. Our discussions have also benefited from the insightful remarks of our discussant, Ambassador Fernando de Mateo, and many interventions by Members. The answers provided by the Paraguayan authorities to the questions submitted in advance were very much appreciated.

Related Topics: Trade monitoring
Countries: Paraguay
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