Many people have contributed to this publication, either directly by providing written contributions or by participating in the design, editing and reviewing process, or more indirectly by actually reporting on the capacity-building activities that they have been organizing in the field. Special acknowledgment should go to the WTO team including, in alphabetical order, Marc Auboin, Anthony Martin, Heather Sapey-Pertin, Helen Swain and David Tinline; the IFC team, including Hyung Ahn, Kuntay Celik (World Bank), Emmanuel Mathias (IMF), Samantha Pelosi (BAFT), Susan Starnes, Alexei Timofti, and Makiko Toyoda; and the EBRD (Kamola Makhmudova, Rudolf Putz), ADB (Steven Beck, Maria Clarissa A. Laysa, Pinky Rose Lustre, Can Sutken) and ITFC (Anisse Terai).

Related Topics: Trade finance
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