Trade Impacts of LDC Graduation

Insights from Country-Specific Market Access Analyses

image of Trade Impacts of LDC Graduation

Graduation from the status of least-developed country (LDC) marks an important milestone in the development path of each LDC. At the same time, the phasing-out of international support measures associated with LDC status, including trade preferences and special treatment in the WTO, could present challenges for graduating LDCs in their efforts to continue integration into the global economy. A quarter of LDCs were on track to graduate from LDC status prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Trade impacts of LDC graduation: Insights from countryspecific market access analyses” complements the report “Trade impacts of LDC graduation” issued in May 2020, and examines in greater detail the impact of graduation on preferential market access for each of the 12 graduating LDCs. The report looks at the export structure of graduating LDCs, the likely increase of tariffs on their exported products and projected changes in trade flows employing a partial equilibrium model. It sheds light on products and destination markets that require specific attention from graduating LDCs as they prepare for graduation.


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