WTO Working Papers

WTO working papers usually represent research in progress. Such research may be conducted in the preparation of WTO Secretariat reports, studies or other material for WTO members. The papers are circulated for comment because the WTO considers critical review of professional research to be extremely important.


Investment Policies and Telecommunications Regimes

The revolution in the telecommunication industry of recent years raises a number of interesting economic questions with significant policy implications. One of these questions is the extent to which foreign investments in the telecommunication industry is accompanied by policies that are conducive to cross–border investments. These policies can be both domestic and international. The discussion in this paper is limited to the latter by concentrating on the role of the WTO and other international agreements. The purpose of the paper is to evaluate the GATS/Telecom Agreement. This is done by looking at the guiding principles for negotiating market access for foreign investors, by comparing the Agreement with the Telecom Agreement under NAFTA and by discussing the merits of the multilateral approach to negotiating foreign investment in the telecommunication sector. The WTO GATS/Telecom Agreement comes out rather well from this evaluation exercise.


Keywords: Foreign Investment, Telecommunications
JEL: F21: International Economics / International Factor Movements and International Business / International Investment; Long-Term Capital Movements; L63: Industrial Organization / Industry Studies: Manufacturing / Microelectronics; Computers; Communications Equipment; F42: International Economics / Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance / International Policy Coordination and Transmission
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