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image of World Trade Report 2020

World Trade Report 2020

In the digital age, a growing number of governments have adopted policies aimed at boosting growth through innovation and technological upgrading. The World Trade Report 2020 looks at these trends and at how trade and the WTO fit with them. A...
image of Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms, 6th Edition

Dictionary of Trade Policy Terms, 6th Edition

The dictionary is an accessible guide to the vocabulary used in trade negotiations. It explains about 3,000 terms and concepts in simple language. Its main emphasis is on the multilateral trading system represented by the agreements under the World...
image of COVID-19 and Global Value Chains

COVID-19 and Global Value Chains

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a discussion among researchers and policy makers about changes to global value chains, both about expected changes and changes that should be promoted by government policies. In this paper we...
image of Trade Costs in the Global Economy

Trade Costs in the Global Economy

Proper measurement and aggregation of trade costs is of paramount importance for sound academic and policy analysis of the determinants - particularly those of policy - of economic outcomes. The international trade profession has witnessed signifcant...

World Trade Report 2017

The 2017 World Trade Report examines how technology and trade affect employment and wages. It analyses the challenges for workers and firms in adjusting to changes in labour markets, and how governments can facilitate such adjustment to ensure that trade and technology are inclusive.

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