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image of Can blockchain revolutionize international trade?

Can blockchain revolutionize international trade?

Trade has always been shaped by technological innovation. In recent times, a new technology, Blockchain, has been greeted by many as the next big game-changer. Can Blockchain revolutionize international trade? This publication seeks to demystify the...
image of Global Value Chain Development Report 2019

Global Value Chain Development Report 2019

This report takes stock of the evolution of global value chains (GVCs) in light of technological developments, such as robotics, big data and the Internet of Things. It discusses how these technologies are reshaping GVCs and examines the effect of...
image of On the Effectsof GATT/WTO Membership on Trade

On the Effectsof GATT/WTO Membership on Trade

We capitalize on the latest developments in the empirical structural gravity literature to revisit the question of whether and how much does GATT/WTO membership affect international trade. We are the first to capture the non-discriminatory nature of...
image of Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Aid for Trade supports developing and least-developed countries in building their trade capacity and in increasing their exports by turning market access opportunities into market presence. It does so by addressing four key areas: trade policy &...
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World Trade Report 2017

The 2017 World Trade Report examines how technology and trade affect employment and wages. It analyses the challenges for workers and firms in adjusting to changes in labour markets, and how governments can facilitate such adjustment to ensure that trade and technology are inclusive.

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