Industrial designs and layout-designs of integrated circuits

This chapter deals with the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement that set out standards for protection of industrial designs (Articles 25 and 26 in Section 4 of Part II of the Agreement) and protection of layout-designs or topographies of integrated circuits (Articles 35 to 38 in Section 6 of Part II). As for all sections of Part II, these sections have to be read together with the relevant provisions of pre-existing treaties in the area of international IP law, which are incorporated by reference into the TRIPS Agreement. Reference will be made to these treaties in the sections below. This chapter will also have to be read in conjunction with other relevant provisions of the TRIPS Agreement that are explained in other chapters (such as those concerning non-discrimination, enforcement of IP rights, and the administration of IP). Wherever appropriate, cross-references are made to other chapters.

Related Topics: Intellectual property ; The WTO
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