The Making of the TRIPS Agreement

Personal Insights from the Uruguay Round Negotiations

image of The Making of the TRIPS Agreement

A comprehensive account of the establishment of the World Trade Organization, focusing on those who shaped its creation as well as those who have influenced its evolution. The book examines trade negotiations, the WTO’s dispute settlement role, the presence of coalitions and groupings within the WTO, the process of joining the organization and many other topics, including what lies ahead for the organization.




This book was conceived in mid-2014 when members of the Intellectual Property Division (IPD) of the WTO began to reflect on what facets of the Agreement on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) could be highlighted for WTO members and the public at large in 2015, a year marking the 20th anniversary both of the WTO and of the entry into force of the TRIPS Agreement. The IPD, under the leadership of its Director, Antony Taubman, planned a capacity-building Symposium on the TRIPS Agreement and a book on TRIPS negotiations, informally dubbed the “[email protected]” project.


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