Acknowledgements and Disclaimer

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The World Trade Report 2019 was prepared under the general responsibility of Xiaozhun Yi, WTO Deputy Director-General, and Robert Koopman, Director of the WTO Economic Research and Statistics Division. The Report was coordinated by Emmanuelle Ganne and Stela Rubínová (Economic Research and Statistics Division) and by Antonia Carzaniga (Trade in Services and Investment Division). The lead authors of the Report are Barbara d’Andrea, Andreas Maurer, Roberta Piermartini and Robert Teh (Economic Research and Statistics Division), and Antonia Carzaniga. Other authors are Marc Auboin, Eddy Bekkers, John Hancock, Kathryn Lundquist, José-Antonio Monteiro, Coleman Nee, Victor Stolzenburg, Ankai Xu and Qing Ye (Economic Research and Statistics Division); Pamela Apaza, Markus Jelitto, Joscelyn Magdeleine, Juan Marchetti, Martin Roy and Lee Tuthill (Trade in Services and Investment Division); and Rainer Lanz (Development Division).

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