Report to the TPRB from the Director-General on Trade-Related Developments

Mid-October 2018 to mid-May 2019

image of Report to the TPRB from the Director-General on Trade-Related Developments

Trade-restrictive measures continue at historically high level: Trade flows hit by new restrictions implemented by WTO members continued at a historically high level between mid-October 2018 and mid-May 2019, according to the Director-General’s latest mid-year report on trade-related developments presented to members on 22 July. The report, which was reviewed at a meeting of the WTO’s Trade Policy Review Body, notes that the trade coverage of import-restrictive measures implemented during the review period is estimated at USD 339.5 billion, the second-highest figure on record after the USD 588.3 billion reported in the previous period. Together, these two periods represent a dramatic spike in the trade coverage of import-restrictive measures.

Related Topics: Trade monitoring

Table of Contents

Key findings

Executive summary


Recent economic and trade developments

Trade and trade-related policy developments

Policy development in trade in services

Policy developments in trade in intellectual property

Measures facilitating trade

Trade remedies

Other trade-related measures

Measures affecting trade in services


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